Jan 28, 2010

Long Shadows

By Erin Hunter

ShadowClan has lost all faith in StarClan and it's up to Jaypaw, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf to restore their faith. If you like adventure and cats, this is your type of book!!!! It is the last book in Power of Three. The next series is called Omen of the Stars and it focuses on Dovekit when she has a strange dream. - K.S. (5th gr.) 1/28/10

Jan 17, 2008

House of the Scorpion

by Nancy Farmer
FIC FAR, Teen section

This story is about a cloned kid named Matt. He is a "captive" of this drug lord, and he struggles to gain respect in this futuristic setting.

What I like best was that the topic was interesting. The author had lots of descriptions which I liked. - P.H.B. (7th gr.) 12/13/07

Matt's struggles are very realistic and so are the other characters. READ THIS AWESOME BOOK!!!!! - A.S. (7th gr.) 12/13/07

Dec 17, 2007

Martin the Warrior

by Brian Jacques

At the begining we find a young mouse named Martin getting really mad at Badrang and his horde. Then he gets put up on the wall top of Marshank to get devoured in the morning by seagulls. But then from down at the foot of Marshhank, he hears a mouse named Rose and a mole named Grumm. Have Rose and Grumm come too late? Find out in Martin the Warrior. P.S. It's the 2nd book in the Redwall series. The 1st one is Lord Brocktree and the 3rd is Mossflower. It is suspenseful and has a lot of action, but is sad at parts and can also be funny.
-- reviewed by K.S., 6th gr.

Secret Identity, Shredderman book 1

by Wendenlin Van Draanen

This is about a boy named Nolan who gets picked on by a bully named Bubba. Watch him battle Bubba and make Shredderman.com in this fun filled adventure! It is cool and funny at the same time
--reviewed by K.S., 3rd gr.

Firestar's Quest

by Erin Hunter

This book is about how Firestar has weird dreams, and by asking Starclan, he finds out that they had lied to him. He has to go on a quest to set things right. What I liked best about the book is that you learn a lot about the characters in it.

- reviewed by E. S., 5th gr.

Oct 4, 2007

Freak the Mighty

by Rodman Philbrick

Maxwell Kane is thought of as stupid, freakishly large for his thirteen years, and the son of a killer. He has no friends, preferring to spend his life in his dark basement room, avoiding other kids, who think he is a bully. Then he meets Freak, an enormously smart kid with a birth defect that reduces him to the size of a toddler. After a close encounter with Tony D., the local juvenile delinquent, Freak and Max realize that together they can be unstoppable. Together they can be Freak the Mighty, and go on adventures, slaying dragons and rescuing people. But what happens when Freak's heart gets too big for his body? Will Max be able to go on?

I really liked that Freak helped Max learn that he had his own brain, and that he could live down his dad's reputation. I thought that it was really sad that Freak died, but I thought that it was really nice how brave he was, even though he knew that he would die young. I also enjoyed how Freak had tons of imagination, and how he combined fantasy with science to have one of a kind adventures with Max.

Reviewed by M. P., (8th gr.)

Warriors series

by Erin Hunter

Into the Wild (Book 1)
At the start, we find a young house cat named Rusty. He wants to go out into the forest to explore, but then he meets a group of Thunderclan cats (Lionheart, Graypaw and Bluestar). They tell Rusty of a life in the forest with lots of other cats, and he wants to check it out. So the next morning, Rusty goes out to explore the life of the clan cats. I really like the action and suspense. The book sucks you in and makes you feel like you are a warrior cat.
-- Reviewed by K. S. (6th gr.)

***** Serious and silly too. -- Reviewed by K. S. (3rd gr.)

Fire and Ice (Book 2)
At the start young Fireheart and Graystripe (former apprentice names, Firepaw and Graypaw) find themselves driving WindClan back into their territory. Cinderpaw gets seriously injured, and Yellowfang does everything she can to help. Princess gives one of her own kits so Fireheart can have a apprentice as Cinderpaw cannot become a warrior now.
-- reviewed by K. S. (3rd gr.)